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Andrew Turner

Senior Associate Family Law

Not all family law disputes or court proceedings are simple or straightforward. Differences over parenting or property matters, in particular, can be quite complex.

If you expect to be involved in court proceedings or if you are planning to separate, then we recommend that you consider consulting our family lawyers at an early stage.

Any decisions that you make now in relation to your children or your property could have significant implications in the future.

Getting advice and talking to our family lawyers could assist you in making decisions that you will feel comfortable with long term. It could also assist you in settling your differences before the matter becomes too complicated.

If you have already reached an agreement, then by talking to us, we can advise you and ensure that any agreement reached is binding. This is even if your former partner changes their attitude in the future.

Our Family Law Division is committed to finding practical solutions to our clients' problems. We can provide advice in the areas of :


Please also note that we are members of the Victoria Legal Aid Section 29A Family Law Panel and undertake legal aid work.

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